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Frequently Asked Questions

03.09.22 04:00 PM Comment(s)

Here are some questions many of our customers have asked over the years. 

Please feel free to ask us any additional question you may have in the comments section. 

  1. Are you insured? Yes, we can send you our certificate of liability upon request. 
  2. Are you licensed? Yes, licensed tree expert #1066. As of October 1, 2005 the state of Maryland requires that persons performing tree care or removal be licensed by the Department of Natural Resources. All tree care professionals must obtain a license. 
  3. Do you work with insurance claims? Yes, we will work hand-in-hand with you and your insurance company. 
  4. What is the difference between licensed and unlicensed tree removal? The purpose of the Tree Expert Law passed in 2005 is to provide an added layer of consumer protection. Those who are not licensed may not have proper training and could cause serious damage to your property, leaving you little recourse. You should always go with licensed and insured professionals. 
  5. Do you have references? Yes, we have a list of client references upon request. Also, check out our Google Reviews on the 'About Us' page. 
  6. Can you 'top' a tree? The state of Maryland advises against topping or tipping of trees. Therefore, we do not offer this service because it a) is very unhealthy for the tree, and b)can make for very dangerous situation due to the rapid rate that trees grow. This procedure makes new growth very weak. 
  7. How far down can you grind a stump? Typically we can graind stumps to 18" down into the earth's surface. This provides enough depth to replant a tree nearby or to replace the areas with grass seed or sod. 
  8. Can I trim my neighbor's tree limbs that are hanging over onto my property? As long as you and your neighbor know exactly where your property lines are you can remove the unwanted limbs back to your property line. We will not get involved in boundary disputes and assume no liability if you mislead us into cutting limbs that are not, in fact, on your property. 
  9. Why would I want to prune my trees? Pruning produces strong, healthy, attractive trees. Primary reasons pruning is beneficial is that it removes dead branches, removes crowded or rubbing limbs, eliminates potential hazards within the tree, and improves the sunlight and air movement through the tree. Done properly with an understanding of tree biology, pruning can maintain good tree health and structure. It can also enhance the beauty and value of your home. See our blog specifically on pruning. 
  10. Will the stump grinder fit through my gate? Our stump grinder requires a 36" gate opening. 
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